Pupils become Ocean Explorers at Birmingham’s Sea Life Centre

a group of students on a school trip in the aquarium

On Monday 6th March, our year 3 and 4 pupils embarked on an adventure to Birmingham’s Sea Life Centre, where they had a wonderful time exploring the wonders of the world’s oceans, including its fascinating creatures.

The children were amazed by the variety of animals they encountered, from small and colourful marine fish to huge sharks and sea turtles!

One of the highlights of the day was seeing resident otters Ozzie and Ola, who looked incredibly comfortable and cosy sleeping next to one another. The children were also very excited to see the stingrays popping their heads out of the water and even got to interact with a starfish, where they were amazed at its rough texture.

But the day was not just about seeing and learning about sea life. Each class also got to participate on a backstage session called ‘Sea Defenders’!

This educational programme aimed to demonstrate how rubbish and waste affects our oceans, such as how a glass bottle would take one million years to decompose, which shocked pupils. As a result, they pledged to make a difference in protecting the ocean and its inhabitants.

The children had a fantastic day and came back to school feeling inspired and super excited to share their experiences with their families. They each received a poster about the five sea layers, which will also serve as a reminder of their adventures and the pledge they made to help protect our oceans.

What a fantastic day!